DPF PROBLEMS & FIXES... Recently we have noticed a huge increase in the number of calls & visits we are getting from people with DPF warning lights,Engine Management lights showing on there car in the Weymouth area. This problem occurs mainly because the Regeneration of the DPF cannot take place due to time & speed at which this needs to happen.Roads to busy,unable to reach regen speed for long enough periods.

So whats the answer?

 Do not Remove as it is an MOT failure now

If the DPF light comes on without any warnings, this is a normal event and just means that you need to follow the instructions in the owners manual for regeneration. This normally means driving in an appropriate gear, maybe sports mode for Automatics, So that the engine speed is between 1700 & 2200 RPM for about fifteen minutes or until the light goes off. This needs to be done continuously without stopping so a long stretch of dual carriageway or motorway is best.

It is not the speed that you drive at that will allow the DPF to regenerate but the constant higher than normal engine speed that allows the system to regenerate.

Being French Specialists we can do a forced regeneration on many Renault DCIs,Peugeot & Citreon HDIs in the workshop if necessary.

If the vehicle has been brought to us with a DPF problem & the glow light or engine management light is on or the engine is in limp mode as well, then these faults will have to be rectified before the regeneration can be carried out. 

We have yet to see a DPF that needs replacing due to soot or carbon problems. These are robust components and have been designed to operate under extreme conditions and should not need replacing as they have been developed to catch soot and clean themselves as part of the normal driving cycle.

A vehicle recently came to us to have the DPF cleaned as the main dealers have been unable to get the DPF regenerated and advised the owner that a new DPF will be needed to be fitted at a cost of £1600 plus fitting to resolve the problem. Fortunately we were able to remove the filter clean it out manually with special cleaners,clean EGR & breathers Clean the Catalytic converter reset the ecu & force a further regen on the car for £375 + vat. A saving of over £1000. The owner was very pleased as we had saved him a vast sum of money. Another car came in with a regeneration problem but that was caused by a faulty Air Flow sensor causing the vehicle to run in limp mode for a long time,as the owner was very reluctant to take it to a garage expecting the worse. We interriagated the engine management system,scoped and tested Air Flow sensor, replaced it & did a forced regeneration and all was well.

You should also be aware that regular servicing with good quality oils & filters will help your DPF Regenerations, It will also help EGR Valve problems,VNT Turbo problems, that can arrise from lack of oil & filter changes, thus causing less expensive repair bills overall. 

Please be aware that DPFs can be removed and the ECU remapped, But manufactures dont spend millions of pounds on investment for nothing, DPFs are on vehicles for a reason, As from early this year it is now an MOT failure and not a good course of action to take. 

Any problems with DPFs, Management Systems, ABS or other, Please phone or visit us for a friendly chat as im sure we can help you.